Our Strategy


Several factors contribute to Minnesota’s opportunity gap.

  • A growing population of young men and women who are not graduating from high school
  • A disproportionate number of men and women of color in our prison system
  • The worst economic gap between Whites and Blacks in the country
    An unequal distribution of access to healthy food and decent health care
  • Lack of access to advocacy training and a basic understanding of individual rights

Through personal accountability and life coaching, we believe that children and their

families deserve and will be able to take advantage of the best Minnesota has to offer.

We also know that, through innovative and tested collaborations, we can take families and children to the next level.

Why We Do It

We do it because research shows that in all areas of development, particularly with young men and women of color, early community-based interventions have the greatest impact on a child’s ability to move beyond the potential barriers in their communities.


NYA brings together expert minds from many fields, identifies research-based solutions for closing the opportunity gap – and engages community activists in order to develop the responsive tools and resources necessary to positively impact the academic achievement of at-risk students.

  • NYA partners with reform-minded families, school districts, and community organizations.
  • NYA leverages community resources to provide hands-on training while practicing
    discipline within a structured environment.
  • NYA focuses on Academic Achievement, Life Skills, Citizenship and Fitness.
  • NYA fosters successful, safe, and healthy student outcomes.
  • NYA implements strategic plans to engage stakeholders

Reaching Our Kids

First and foremost, NYA leverages community resources to provide at-risk students with hands-on, after-school training to assist them in developing character, scholarship, health, and sense of well-being while practicing personal discipline in a structured environment.


Where We Began

NYA began working with Future Academic Ballers (FAB) 7 years ago. FAB was established as a pilot program in North Minneapolis. The original basketball team was a fourth grade team of young men and a leader (coach) who sought out reform-minded families willing to commit to a new and unique strategy to achieve educational, personal and community success.

The FAB principles guided us.

Those principles were based on key commitments.
Each player made a commitment to pay their FEE:

FOCUS. With direction from parent, teacher, coach.

EFFORT. Best at all times.

ENERGY. Positive vs. negative.

Each player and family made a commitment to:





The FAB program continues to inspire us.


NYA believes that through development of educational assistance and assessments, clearly defined accountability measures, multi-contextual curriculum, community advocacy, and research-based best practices, we can deliver a holistic intervention designed to promote personal health and wellness, and support the child and family.

How will we know if it’s working?

NYA will utilize educational and leadership assessments to determine where to target its resources. We will use ongoing qualitative and quantitative analysis of student and stakeholderperformance to evaluate and measure program success.