Our Programs

The FAB (Future Academic Ballers) Program

The FAB basketball program has been addressing student needs since 2009.

In addition to basketball skills and techniques, the FAB program focuses on the following core skills:

Life Coaching
Literacy / Education
Behavior and Discipline
Positive Reinforcement
Strength and Conditioning
Nutrition and Holistic Health

The FAB basketball team competes in local and national basketball tournaments.

While traveling, participants are introduced to and are encouraged to experience local historic landmarks. To-date, those landmarks have included the Civil Rights Museum, the Thomas Jefferson Plantation, and the Lincoln Memorial.

The FAB team played in four national tournaments in 5 years and won 4 state titles, playing against some of the best talent in the country.

The program has grown from 11 participants to 440 participants in 10 years.

Classroom behavior and discipline have also grown for FAB participants, including attendance, participation, behavior, and work completion. 90% of FAB participants maintain an A/B Grade average.

100% of participants that have been in the FAB program for more than 3 years are in AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) or take AP (Advanced Placement) courses!

Educational Enrichment Programs

Lady Bug Literacy – Lady Bug Literacy is a unique program that teaches students key reading skills – decoding, spelling, fluency, and comprehension – through a multi-sensory approach that students find fun and engaging! Tutors offer weekly classes.

Hip Hop Study Group – The Hip Hop Study Group provides an insight into African American culture through the lens of Hip Hop pioneer, William Harris, who was born and raised in North Minneapolis. William brings wisdom and understanding to the children of a misunderstood culture. Sessions empower students to better understand themselves.

STEM – The STEM program uses mathematics and science to do hands-on experiments that engage students and peak their interest in the field of engineering. STEM workshops also cover many of the Minnesota Academic Standards in Science and Engineering. Directed by Richard Pollard, staff member at The Works Museum.

Life Coaching –

African History Before Slavery – This program takes students on a journey from pre-slavery through the Civil Rights Movement. By opening up discussion regarding today’s color blindness and amnesia, students obtain knowledge about historical issues to ensure those issues don’t reoccur. Directed by Anthony Jennings.

Debate In Law – Participants discuss and analyze court cases that have impacted culture and community. Facts on both sides of cases are argued by participants who serve as legal council. Other participants serve as judge and jury in a simulated court of law.

Book Club – Students are given a weekly reading assignment and must complete two journal entries about what they read. Sessions include followup discussion in a small group setting.

Pay Homage

Highlighting partnership with MPA

As we move forward with our partnerships, and usher in innovative strategic programming, we couldn’t be happier to announce our collaboration with Minnesota Preparatory Academy! This academy has been doing great things the last 4 years, by serving the youth in the confines of North Minneapolis. Sending more than 33 student participants in 4 yrs of existence, to college on full athletic scholarships, this is only the tip of the iceberg for this great organization. MPA has also graduated 100% of its student body with an incredible 85% college placement rate. It’s clear, the value this institution brings to our nonprofit. we could not be prouder as an affiliate and partner of MPA! Please explore this grand organization and see the great work they have produced and what’s to come in the near future!

We put our stamp on it!!!