NYA Funding Opportunities

Academic Support Opportunities

Whether you have interest in a particular child, family or the community at large, we have funding opportunities that cover reading, math and science, the arts/debate and fitness!

Through NYA we have established academic programs focusing on literacy, math and science, the arts and law/literacy. Over the past 6 years, the young men on our basketball teams have participated in a Literacy program, STEM program, a Hip Hop Study Group/African History and a Law/Literacy debate program.

These programs began through the generosity of their program directors, but in order for us to continue these academic enrichment programs and provide support in literacy and healthy living. we need funding equal to the demand. 

Individual Enrichment Opportunities

Per Student/Per Year

STEM Program (includes engineering kits, field trips and stipend for program director): $1,500

Debate/Law Program (includes materials, field trips and final trial materials and space): $500

Hip Hop Study Group:$1,000

NYA Book scholarships (includes books for literacy program): $500

Ladybug Literacy: $1,000

Career Night: $1,000

FAB Program: $1,000

College Touring/Historical Landmarks: $3,000

NYA organizes and participates in local fundraising programs, which are necessary to fulfill the community engagement and personal accountability goals.

PLEASE HELP OUR KIDS!  Contact Us to learn more about NYA and critical funding opportunities or DONATE NOW!